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"Passion, Purpose & Positivity" is what one can expect when in the presence of Regina G. Mixon.
Regina helps women aged 18 and older, identify self-destructive habits that have served as barriers that have kept them from living their best lives; purge themselves of those, identify their purpose and begin the process of doing so passionately.
Hailing from Minden, Louisiana, Regina currently resides between Southern California and Northwest Louisiana, spending an equal amount of time in both. As a mother of two adults and grandmother of three, Regina considers them to be the most valuable gifts given her by God. Having endured many hardships in her life, and learning tons of life’s lessons the hard way, Regina readily shares her stories with any and all in hopes that they will not have to endure the sufferings and hardships she endured.
A very passionate Speaker and Author, Regina hopes that people will come to realize that with faith in God and themselves, nothing is impossible.
Regina, a Woman of Purpose and Determination, a Woman on the Grow, a Woman Destined to Win, a Woman of God!
An author of soon-to-be 11 books with her first book being a bestseller, Regina is currently working on the completion of yet another—a non-fiction .
Regina is the Founder of Regina Mixon Enterprises dba REGS Books Publishing and God’s Storehouse Ministries dba Women Destined to Win International, Children Destined to Win and with other programs coming soon.
Invite Regina to speak at your church, nonprofit, school, government agency, library, or for upcoming conferences and events. Regina brings passion, purpose, and positivity.

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